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i will be sharing my own stories and the stories of inspiring lawyers. my hope is that through our stories, you can learn something new and step out into the legal world wearing a fabulous pair of glasses tinted with positivity & purpose!

Reflecting on 2020 & planning for 2021

2020 was an interesting year for all of us. It was a year full of challenges, hardships and loss, lessons, opportunities to grow, moments for reflection and gratitude. Many of us realised the importance of freedom, human connection and relationships, our health, adaptability, being present and living because life is short, being employed and having people who support you when the chips are down. Regardless of what 2020 meant to you, I believe that there is power in pausing to reflect on the year that was – the lessons you have learnt, your successes, your failures, the things that brought you joy and the things that didn’t – so that you can re-focus on the things that work for you, the things you want to do more of and the things you want to achieve in the coming year.

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Lucy Barnes: Becoming a Barrister

Lucy works as a Barrister in Brisbane, specialising in Child Protection, Family, Employment and Consumer Law. Lucy’s journey to becoming a Barrister was fairly unconventional as Lucy never worked as a Lawyer in private practice which is often what I have heard you should do prior to going to the Bar. Lucy shares what her work looks like day to day, what the process of becoming a Barrister involves and her advice for anyone who may be considering a career as a Barrister in the future.

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Warren Bennett: Starting your own law firm

Warren’s story is one of determination and it’s inspiring to speak with someone who has worked so hard – from completing his law degree in three years while working full-time to opening his own law firm with four years PAE and then working full-time when he ran out of money to keep his firm going as a side-hustle for a few months! If you’re dreaming of having your own firm one day, this is a must read for you.

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Em Pescott: Pay rises and promoting yourself

Em is a career advancement coach and is the owner of Promotable You. Em helps all sorts of professionals, including lawyers, with a range of things from career changes to promotions and pay rises and removing road blocks and limiting beliefs in order to achieve your professional goals. Em’s background is in HR and communications. Em started Promotable You in order to help leaders advance their careers and in particular, help women who were having issues with being paid what they were really worth.

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Caralee Fontenele: What I look for when hiring new staff

Caralee is a Family Lawyer and the Director of Collective Family Law Group on the Gold Coast. Caralee had a career before becoming a Lawyer, working with her previous two Husbands to establish and grow their businesses in Optometry and Law. Caralee realised that she wanted to build her own business and have her own career and so she became a Lawyer while managing work and being a Mother of two. Caralee shares what she looks for when she is hiring new staff (hint, it isn’t their GPA) and her advice for anyone who is contacting a firm that they want to work for – what to do and what not to do.

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Getting a job during Covid

When I lost my first lawyer role in March due to Covid, I really struggled to feel like myself again. The uncertainty of the world didn’t help, especially when it comes to the job market. However, there are still some things we can all control – we can believe in ourselves and our abilities, we can continue to have hope and not give up and we can keep putting ourselves out there! I wanted to share my story of losing my job, what I did with my spare time, how I dealt with rejection, how I kept positive and all of the things I did to find a new job in the hope that it might help others. If you are still looking for work – I hope this helps to inspire you and please remember one thing – just don’t give up!

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Mel Scott: Working as an in house lawyer & getting your first opportunity

Mel Scott is an in house lawyer for a global technology company called Megaport. Mel explains what an in house lawyer does, what her role is like and how she ended up working in house. Mel shares what her journey through law school was like and how she landed her first graduate role – 180 resumes later! Mel talks about the importance of treating your legal career as a marathon not a sprint, self-belief and backing yourself, accepting that no experience is ever wasted and the importance of looking after yourself.

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My thoughts on coping with redundancy and moving forward despite uncertainty

In this solo episode I speak about how I have been coping with losing my dream job as a Family Lawyer due to COVID-19 and share my advice for moving forward despite the uncertainty that we are all facing. I hope that through sharing my honest feelings and thoughts, you may feel less alone during this time and realise that whatever you are feeling is perfectly okay.

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Julann Tiernan: Juggling family and law and the importance of taking the pressure off

Julann is a Family Lawyer and has her own digital law firm called Tiernan Family Law. Julann started her law degree when she was 30 and with a newborn baby. While studying law, Julann worked as a Police Officer and also began raising her family of five children – amazing right!? Julann is living proof that it is never too late to start a law degree if it is where your passion lies and that it is possible to juggle work, family and law if you have the right mindset!

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My first time in Court as a Lawyer

So I had my first day in Court as a Lawyer and I thought I would share my experience with you so that you might feel less intimidated the first time you venture into the Court room solo.

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Jacob Corbett: Keeping curious and creating your own luck

Jacob is a Commercial and Property Lawyer and a Director of Bradley and Bray Solicitors in Nambour. Jacob got his first taste of law when he was completing a Minor in Justice while studying a Bachelor of Creative Writing. Jacob was only 2 years PAE when he purchased half of a law firm and became a Director, so his journey is one to listen to. Jacob shares lots of really helpful and practical tips for law students and graduates, from checking your motivations during law school to the importance of falling in love with the process and developing helpful habits early.

Landing your first law job

Even if you have worked in a law firm – sometimes landing your first job once you’ve graduated or been admitted can be tough. I am by no means an expert, but I thought I’d share a little bit about what helped me land my first job and what I have observed and learned so far.

Lana Woltman: Step outside of your comfort zone and create your own opportunities

Lana is a Personal Injuries Lawyer and a Senior Associate at Ramsden Lawyers on the sunny Gold Coast. Lana ended up studying law after she was involved in an unfortunate motor vehicle accident. The encouragement Lana received from her Lawyer at the time was the final push she needed to have the confidence to commence studying Law and Lana hasn’t looked back. Lana shares plenty of helpful tips for law students – from getting your foot in the door for your first law job to creating relationships with Lawyers through networking and finding a mentor. Side Note: If you hear meowing during the podcast, that is Biggie (aka Biggie Smalls), Lana’s beautiful cat who you can meet through Lana’s Instagram account.

Emma Aldersea: Take your time and gain valuable life experience

Emma is the owner of Laneway Legal here in Brisbane. Emma is a Criminal Lawyer and a Registered Migration Agent. Emma’s time at law school was anything but conventional, travelling to many different countries and gaining life changing experiences along the way. While Emma has always had a passion for social justice, when she started law school she never knew she would actually practice as a Lawyer. All of the life experience Emma gained during her time at law school helped her get to where she is now and her advice is to take your time at law school so that you can gain valuable life experience and also have fun!

When life doesn’t go to plan

Growing up I never had a lot of stability in my life and maybe this is why I am such an organisation Queen now. I write lists for almost everything in my life, love to work systematically by ticking things off one by one and find great satisfaction at the end of a super productive day. When I was a teenager, I used to dream about what my life would look like by the time I reached the ripe old age of 25.

Terence Loko: Using your law degree to work in-house for the government

Terence works in-house for the Commonwealth Government in Canberra. Terence moved to Canberra after being offered a place in a graduate program while he was completing PLT. Terence moved to Australia from Papua New Guinea after finishing high school to study Accounting and although Terence completed his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, he knew that law was his calling. Terence offers some great tips for law students who may be considering a legal role in the government and provides food for thought for those students who may not have previously thought about using their law degree to work in government.

Let’s talk about mental health

You may have noticed that my podcast and blog for August were cancelled and that is because a couple of weeks before it was due to be released, my long term relationship ended and then two days prior, I got a call to say that my Brother was in palliative care. The last two months for me have been two of the toughest months of my life.

Katrina Nathan: Your law degree can take you places outside of a traditional law firm

Katrina is a Management Consulting Analyst at Accenture here in Brisbane. Katrina comes from a strong maths and sciences background and has ended up in law after doing a legal studies subject when she moved to Australia from Singapore. Katrina spent her last year of law school as a full-time law student, working three jobs and also completing her Practical Legal Training (PLT) course early! Katrina explains the importance of time management and writing to-do lists in order to successfully navigate a demanding workload. Katrina shares a lot of great tips and reminds us all that there are opportunities in law outside of getting a job as a lawyer in a law firm.

What on Earth is PLT?

So you’ve graduated from your law degree…now what!? On Thursday I finished my last four assessments for PLT and I am now officially no longer a student! (Insert dancing lady emoji here) So I thought, there is no better time to write a blog answering all the burning questions you might have about PLT!

Morgan Jane: The importance of saying yes to opportunities

Morgan is a Lawyer at the Office of the Director of Child Protection Litigation here in Brisbane. Morgan completed a Bachelor of Laws/Arts in a smaller regional university in NSW and has since completed a Masters in Family Law. Morgan is the poster woman for saying yes to whatever opportunities come your way – from your first law job to a fun run – Morgan shares how her willingness to learn has allowed her to achieve career goals in 3 months and run ultramarathons!

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