hi, i am megan allanah

I am an early career lawyer and a big believer in spreading kindness, being compassionate and making life fun!

I am also passionate about helping others, which is why I created this platform. At the beginning of 2019 when I commenced PLT and started networking and meeting lawyers, I felt there was a disconnect between what I was told at University and what happened in practice. So, I decided that I would create my blog and podcast so that I could share the stories of inspiring lawyers, their advice and tips and the things they wish they had of known in law school - with current law students, graduates and early career lawyers like myself.

Being an early career lawyer, I find it really enjoyable and enlightening to meet new people through my podcast and to hear about their journeys in law. I am a big believer that law is not 'one size fits all' - there is no one right pathway to becoming a lawyer - and I believe my podcast and blog showcases this.


I'd love for you to join me